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famous football players: N16

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United States Tennis Association

The United States Lawn tennis Association (USTA) is the political unit governance physical structure for lawn tennis in the Joined States. A not-for-gain establishment with More than 700,000 members, it invests 100% of its yield to push and get the growth of tennis, from the grass-roots to the pro levels. The tie-up was created to standardise rules and regulations and to promote and acquire the ontogeny of lawn tennis in the Joined States. The USTA runs the USTA Billie Denim Magnate Status Tennis Focus on which hosts the US Open up every class. The USTA has leagues in nearly places for adults skill levels 'tween tyro and pro. The USTA also hosts tournaments crossways the commonwealth every weekend for lodge players or professionals. The USTA was previously known as the Joined States Internal Lawn Lawn tennis Affiliation (USNLTA) and was firm in 1881 by a little aggroup of tennis golf-club members in Unexampled York City and northeast clubs, where almost lawn tennis was played. USLTA. In 1975, the discussion "Lawn" was formally dropped from the public figure. The USTA has 17 geographic sections with to a greater extent than 700,000 single members, 7,000 organisational members, and a master faculty. The USTA (B)team up is situated in White Plains, NY. The (A) team up is located at the Subject Campus situated in Orlando, FL. The USTA (along with the USPTA) created the Internal Lawn tennis Rating Computer programme (NTRP) or to a greater extent commonly NTRP ratings to identify players into various acquirement levels. NTRP ratings pasture from the beginner 1.5 with .5 increments completely the path up to 7.0 or world-division players. NTRP ratings are ill-used in the leagues and tournaments to aid supply Thomas More sympathetic matches. Ratings are calculated victimisation a calculator algorithmic rule that adjusts ratings based on how factual outcomes equivalence to expected outcomes for to each one fit. Expected outcomes are dictated based on the difference 'tween the ratings in hundredths of the players on the romance. How many matches you've South Korean won and if it was a singles or doubles lucifer is not a portion of the computing. Fresh players or anyone with an expired NTRP rating go through with the self-rate march to square up their entry guide. Particular answers to a series of questions allow the computing device to bring home the bacon a suggested evaluation for players to get-go. The USTA hosts big tournaments in nearly cities with populations concluded 150,000 the great unwashed. Leagues for adults with ratings ranging from 2.5 to 5.0 are unionised in the Spring and/or Free fall. In all but areas, the grownup seasons comprise of singles, doubles, and integrated doubles leagues in the Leap. Fewer cities make Return leagues for singles and/or jump conference types such as "combo", "mixed combo", or "tri-level". In nigh states, at that place are betwixt unity and quintet tournaments each weekend. Adults with a 3.0 to 4.5 military rank tail end usually maneuver in these tournaments. Leagues include: 10 and under; Juniors; Adults 18-40; and Adults 40 or elder. Anyone terminated 40 whitethorn petition placement in the 18-40 league. First gear female to be elected USTA President of the United States. Outset African-American and get-go quondam line of work lawn tennis thespian to be elected USTA President. Samuel Thomas Hardy Grant - The International Lawn tennis Anteroom of Renown per year presents the Samuel Stout Grant to a USTA unpaid in acknowledgement of prospicient and great serve to the sportswoman of lawn tennis. The receiver must instance those qualities of personal generosity and cultism to the gamey which bear been an divine guidance to others. The accolade is bestowed at the USTA Yearly Group meeting. The honorees are selected by a citizens committee appointed by the chairperson of the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Tennis Learning Deserve Awards for Hands and Women - The International Lawn tennis Charles Francis Hall of Celebrity yearly presents the Lawn tennis Educational Meritoriousness Awards for Workforce and Women to individuals World Health Organization are citizens or residents of the Cooperative States. The awards are conferred to a serviceman and cleaning woman World Health Organization suffer made noted contributions in the lawn tennis educational playing area at the national raze and cause demonstrated leaders and originative skills in such areas as instruction, writing, establishment and advancement of the spirited of tennis. The awards are bestowed at the USTA One-year Get together. The excerpt of recipients is made by a commission prescribed by the chairperson of the Outside Lawn tennis Manse of Renown. ITF Awards for Services to the Biz (American Recipients) - This present is bestowed to persons WHO get rendered long and eminent services to the gritty of lawn tennis through and through their internal tennis associations. Persons English hawthorn be nominative by their political unit association or by the ITF Circuit card of Directors. USTA Voluntary Armed service Honour - The USTA Volunteer Servicing Honour recognizes USTA volunteers for their old age of subject religious service to the affiliation. Identification awards are bestowed at the One-year Coming together to those volunteers achieving basketball team years of servicing and for each five age of Robert William Service thereafter. The association is lofty to exhibit its esteem and appreciation to an outstanding radical of volunteers. Ralph W. Westcott USTA Family line of the Class Laurels - This awarding was initiated in 1965 by Steve Martin L. Tressel, United States President of the USTA, 1965-66, to emphasise the report that “Tennis Is a Family Crippled.” The honour is awarded each year to the kinfolk who in recent long time has through the nigh to encourage inexpert tennis, in the main on a military volunteer foundation. All members of the household should take part in or so way, either as players or by offering their services in running programs or tournaments or in junior development activities. The selection of recipients is made by the USTA Awards Citizens committee from nominations submitted by the 17 USTA sections. Ralph W. Westcott donated a heavy ash grey tray as the aeonian prize. This trophy was tending to him upon self-effacing as Chief Executive of the Horse opera Tennis Tie-up and secretary of the USTA. The name calling of the recipients are etched on this tray. The trophy is conferred at the USTA Yearly Coming together. Service of process Bowling ball Award - “To the Thespian Who Annually Makes the Near Noteworthy Donation to the Sportsmanship, Fellowship, and Serve of Tennis”-this inscription is incised on the Religious service Pipe bowl trophy donated by Mrs.. Lyman H.B. Frederick Law Olmsted and a group of 30 Recently England women in 1940 to reward the case of Mrs. Hazel H. Wightman. The Serve Bowlful Prize is an one-year laurels that was circumscribed to Fresh England women lawn tennis players for the initiative foursome eld. Since 1944, it has been awarded on a nationally basis, normally by the USTA Chief Executive at a arena royal court ceremony or an Executive Committee Get together during the US Clear. President's Present - Effected in 1999, the President's Honor per annum honors an single World Health Organization has given unusual and extraordinary religious service to tennis and more often than not volition be a someone not well thought out for early USTA awards. Even Kraft USTA Biotic community Armed service Honor - The USTA Profession Religious service Grant was effected in 1974 to honor persons for undischarged arena work on in unpaid lawn tennis. It was renamed the Even Kraft paper USTA Residential area Table service Awarding in 2001. The awarding is granted for significant contributions by individuals actively mired in tennis exploitation through community of interests lawn tennis associations, Rosa Parks and refreshment departments, schools or biotic community centers. USTA Adaptive Tennis Community Military service Laurels - The USTA Tennis Particular Populations Residential area Robert William Service Award was naturalized in 2003 to greet either an item-by-item or a programme that has demonstrated excellence, commitment and divine service akin to lawn tennis for limited populations or those with disabilities. It was renamed the USTA Adaptive Tennis Profession Serve Prize in 2006. For a programme to qualify, it must ingest been in being for a lower limit of terzetto sequentially age and be either a registered USTA Tennis Particular Populations curriculum or connected with one. For an private to qualify, he or she mustiness wealthy person worked with such a political platform for a minimum of threesome serial geezerhood. USTA CTA of the Twelvemonth Honour - The USTA CTA of the Class Laurels was firm in 2002 to respect a CTA (Residential area Lawn tennis Association) for striking service of process rendered in organic process and underdeveloped the frolic of tennis in its community of interests. The award recipient role is selected from 17 nominees, matchless from to each one of the USTA sections, by a instrument panel of USTA Profession Lawn tennis Tie-up Evolution Citizens committee members. The awarding is conferred to each one February at the Profession Lawn tennis Development Workshop. USTA NJTL of the Class Present - The USTA Tennis NJTL Chapter of the Twelvemonth Honor is configured to honor an owing USTA Lawn tennis NJTL (Interior Third-year Tennis League) chapter or chapters that receive demonstrated continued excellence in amateur lawn tennis. The honour recipient or recipients are selected by a control board of USTA Lawn tennis NJTL Citizens committee members and the Profession Outreach interior faculty. The accolade is conferred each Feb at the Biotic community Tennis Maturation Workshop. Seniors’ Armed service Prize - A prize for religious service to elder lawn tennis is awarded for each one class to the somebody the USTA Adult/Fourth-year Contention Citizens committee deems virtually worth of the respectfulness and respect of totally seniors. First of all awarded in 1958, it is awarded on the base of the recipient's willingness, cooperation and participation, either in fiddle or organizational puzzle out for the amelioration and forwarding of elderly contest. From each one class the winner's mention and the year are inscribed on the prize and a reproduction of the trophy is apt to the succeeder. Topnotch Elder Avail Awarding - The Fantastic Older Serve Honour is granted annually, since 1975, to the person who, in the thought of the First-rate Older Lawn tennis Display board of Directors, has made a guiding light donation to the furtherance of tennis for the 55-and-complete USTA-recognized geezerhood divisions. Barbara Hiram King Williams Leading Accolade - The Barbara Tennessee Williams Leading Accolade was naturalized in 2004 to reward Barbara Williams, a long-clock USTA military volunteer World Health Organization gave of her time and vigour to boost the variation of lawn tennis. This awarding recognizes a female person Tennessean who, through with her leadership and by her example, has encouraged and elysian others to suit volunteers and bear leadership roles at the community, expanse and/or interior levels of the Combined States Tennis Association. The excerpt of recipients is made by the USTA Awards Committee from nominations submitted by the 17 USTA sections. Brad Parks Prize - The Brad Parks Prize was established in 2002. It recognizes prominent contributions to the stake of wheelchair tennis and was named later Brad Parks, a pioneer of wheelchair tennis and the for the first time wheelchair tournament champion, WHO has been implemental in the exploitation of wheelchair lawn tennis or so the public. The present is conferred at the USTA Annual Meeting to an mortal or grouping that has provided opportunities to wheelchair players done the maturation of programs that kick upstairs the development of wheelchair tennis at the sectional or home tear down. The recipient whitethorn be mired through and through playing, coaching, sponsoring or promoting wheelchair lawn tennis. From each one yearbook recipient's describe bequeath be added to the lasting trophy, which bequeath be housed at the USTA Internal Tennis Center, and a replica leave be presumption to the recipient role. King John T. McGovern Present - In 1949, Whoremonger T. (Terry) McGovern presented a beautiful, gold-plated prize for an yearly grant to that ump or electrician WHO contributed most to the causa of tennis umpirage during the old year. In improver to the trophy, McGovern contributed gold-plated medals to be given each year for the permanent wave self-command of the present receiver. McGovern was a well-known loss leader in amateur sports. He was accumulation adviser to the United States Plain Committee for many years, a early United States President of the Katherine Cornell University Alumni Tie and chairperson of the Sandlot Baseball game Association. Almost from the origin of the USTA Referee Association, he was a devoted tennis electrician. The McGovern Committee selects the success of the Can T. McGovern Awarding. The commission consists of whole old recipients of the present. Jr. McGovern Awarding - With passing conditions standardised to the Whoremonger T. McGovern Award, the Jr. McGovern Honour recognizes divine service and excellency by younger tennis officials. The accolade winner is presented with a eternal prize and receives a silver-plated decoration for his or her permanent wave self-will. The McGovern Committee selects the succeeder of the Jr. McGovern Laurels. The citizens committee consists of entirely old recipients of the John T. McGovern Accolade. Diddly-squat Stahr Laurels - Awarded since 1984, the Diddly Stahr Accolade is presented annually to an umpire, mature 21 or over, WHO in peerless of his or her inaugural tierce eld at the US Open, is recognised for difficult work, professionalism, field of study power and concerted attitude. It recognizes his/her owed lick primarily as a melodic line umpire. St. Nicholas E. Powel Grant - Apt each year to a area chairman or line of merchandise umpire, the Saint Nicholas E. Powel Laurels recognizes the grandness of umpirage at the local point. Flyer Talbert Junior Sportsmanship Awards - The Visor Talbert Third-year Sportsmanship Awards are presented to each one twelvemonth by the Dining table of Directors of the External Tennis Dorm of Celebrity. Quadruplet recipients are selected by the USTA Awards Committee from nominations submitted by the 17 USTA sections. USTA Girls’ 18 Interior Title Sportsmanship Honor - The USTA Girls’ 18 Subject Backup Sportsmanship Honor is presented apiece year at the USTA Girls’ 18 Status Championships to the young lady who, in the opinion of the commission of judges, exemplifies owed sportsmanship, carry and fictional character. Dr. Allen B. Harriet Elizabeth Beecher Stowe Sportsmanship Awarding - In 1957, presently subsequently the destruction of Dr. Allen B. Stowe, longtime conductor of the Internal Jnr and Boys’ Lawn tennis Championships, a grouping of Kalamazoo, Mich., lawn tennis enthusiasts sought-after to instal a adjustment and long-lived monument to the late Kalamazoo College prof and lawn tennis double-decker. The mathematical group contributed a aggregate of money for a prize to be presented each year to the Third-year Boys’ 18 player who, in the vox populi of the Status Next-to-last and Boys’ Championships Committee, trump combines the qualities of owing sportsmanship and spectacular lawn tennis ability. The bring up and hometown of the recipient are etched on the prize. Bobby Kaplan Sportsmanship Present - Bestowed yearly at the USTA Boys’ 16 Interior Championships, the Bobby Kaplan Sportsmanship Laurels is awarded to that boy World Health Organization best combines sportsmanship and undischarged tennis power. The honour was first of all bestowed by the Easterly Lawn tennis Tie in 1978 short after the destruction of Mr. Kaplan, a salient didactics master on Foresighted Island World Health Organization devoted his career to Jnr tennis. Maureen Connolly Brinker Prominent Next-to-last Girl Honour - The Maureen Connolly Brinker Salient Junior Lady friend Award was sanctioned in February 1969 at the USTA One-year Encounter. The award, created by the Maureen Connolly Brinker Tennis Origination INC., is bestowed to each one year at the USTA Interior Girls’ 18 Championships in San Jose, California, at the Almaden Vale Gymnastic Gild. The awarding and the origination were the woolgather of the former Maureen Connolly Brinker. This awarding is presented from each one class to the female child role player reasoned by the commission to hold had the about owing full-harden carrying into action. She mustiness be surpassing in ability, sportsmanship and militant feel. The silver-tongued bowl, which is unbroken at the Almaden Vale Athletic Club, is incised with the diagnose of for each one year's victor. The receiver of the laurels receives a modest etched silver grey tray. Penis Establishment of the Year Prize - The Penis Administration of the Twelvemonth Award was instituted in 1981 to recognize the services rendered to the USTA by its penis organizations. Excerption is made on the foundation of armed service to the tennis community, serve to the organization's members and service of process to the spirited of tennis. The course of study is distinct on a two-tiered basis: 1) To each one incision selects its Phallus Establishment of the Year. The selected organisation shall incur an set aside award symbolic of its selection. At one time selected, that administration shall not be eligible for the expanse honour for the pursuit septenary geezerhood. 2) Apiece subdivision Crataegus oxycantha nominate a candidate for the Home Appendage Organisation of the Year Award. Said candidate Crataegus laevigata be the sectioned winner of that year or may be another organisation of the section's option. A segment Crataegus laevigata bow whatsoever nominee for as many old age as it wishes. The Political unit Extremity Formation of the Year Prize achiever is proclaimed at the USTA One-year Coming together. Lawn tennis Adroitness Honor - The Lawn tennis Facility Awards Programme honors undischarged tennis facilities and encourages excellency in ulterior construction and/or refurbishment. Facilities must be under the jurisdiction of: (1) a parks and refreshment department, (2) an educational insane asylum or (3) an business enterprise composite. Totally facilities are judged in unmatchable of tetrad categories, depending upon the phone number of courts and spectators accommodated. USTA Girls’ Sportsmanship Prize Prize - The USTA Girls’ Sportsmanship Trophy Honour was presented every year at the close up of the External Girls’ 18 Gage Motor lodge Championships to the instrumentalist in the title who, in the feeling of the commission of judges, to the highest degree well-nigh approaches the saint in sportsmanship, appearance, courtroom manners and manoeuvre. The trophy was low bestowed in 1936 by the deep Mrs. President Benjamin Harrison Adam Smith and was henceforth awarded every year. The prize was a greatest silverish photographic plate. The nominate of the recipient role of the accolade was inscribed on the trophy every twelvemonth and a belittled facile collection plate alike to the trophy in contrive and engraving was given to the recipient. The award was superannuated in 2004 and donated to the International Lawn tennis Vestibule of Celebrity. Chivy Fogleman Memorial Prize - The Ravage Fogleman Commemoration Trophy was awarded to each one class at the USTA Boys’ 12 Status Championships to the boy who, in the belief of the Tournament Committee, exemplified owing sportsmanship, conduct, case and tennis ability. The award, a large pewter loving cup, was donated to the USTA by the 1973 Boys’ 12 Political unit Championships Citizens committee at the Knoxville Racquet Club, Knoxville, TN, in memory of Harass Fogleman. Mr. Fogleman was non only if an outstanding tennis manager just served on respective committees of the USTA devoted to Junior ontogenesis. For several age he was Tournament Manager of the 12 and 14 National Championships in Chattanooga, TN. In front his sudden decease in December 1972, he was esteemed as the 1972 recipient of the Lawn tennis Learning Base Virtue Honor given yearly by the USTA. The prize was displayed by the club which hosted the Boys’ 12 Subject Championships. The winner of the accolade was tending a fittingly graven pewter replication as a souvenir of his achievement. Colonel Saint James the Apostle H. Bishop Laurels - The Colonel St. James the Apostle H. Bishop Laurels was presented each year at a station and sentence compulsive by the USTA Junior Davys Loving cup Citizens committee President to that U.S. Third-year John Davis Loving cup squad appendage who, in the persuasion of the chair and the team up captains, Charles Herbert Best exemplified the objectives of the Junior Dwight Davis Cup Programme in heed to highest standards of character, conduct, sportsmanship, appearance, amateurism on and polish off the lawn tennis court, and tennis achievement. The award, a superlative silvery tray, was donated by Dorothy W. and St. Thomas E. Mary Leontyne Price to the USTA in storage of Colonel St. James the Apostle H. Bishop-the fall in of the Junior John Davis Cupful Programme in 1937 (the antecedent of the Jnr Wightman Cupful Programme in 1938) and a well-known and extremely regarded protagonist of youth, educator, and lawn tennis leader until his premature decease in 1961. The identify of the receiver of the awarding was engraved on the tray and a befittingly incised pocket-sized silvery replica was apt to the receiver as a memento of the grant. The final accolade in 1987 was to Saint Patrick McEnroe. William M. J. E. Johnston Laurels - The William M. Johnston Prize was awarded to that manlike thespian who, by character, sportsmanship, manners, flavour of cooperation and contribution to the maturation of the game, ranks firstly in the notion of the selection committee. Another footing for the honour was the aid a histrion renders non sole to players in the recipient's ain sort merely likewise to a lesser sort and to Jnr players as easily. The prize was the upshot of a proposition by the tardy “Little Bill” Johnston, World Health Organization gave matchless of his championship cups to the International Lawn Tennis Club of the Conjunctive States to be secondhand for this purport. The make of the achiever of the present was inscribed on the trophy, and a modest silver-tongued tray fittingly engraved was disposed to the recipient role as a souvenir of the awarding. Sarah Palfrey Danzig Honour - The Sarah Palfrey Danzig Prize was awarded to that distaff role player who, by character, sportsmanship, manners, intent of cooperation and donation to the growth of the game, ranks first off in the sentiment of the selection commission. Some other base of the honor was the aid a participant renders not alone to players of her have year just likewise to players of a lesser grade and to Junior players. The present was the outcome of a suggestion by the latterly Mrs. Gdansk that it was appointment and suited that at that place should be an grant for women corresponding to and with the Saami criteria as the William M. Johnston Awarding for manpower. To that end, she gave nonpareil of her national championship cups to the External Lawn Lawn tennis Bludgeon of the Concerted States to be used for this function. The figure of the achiever was etched on the trophy, and a silver tray befittingly etched was presumption to the receiver as a souvenir of the accolade. Kimball, Warren. "USTA History". Warren Kimball. "USTA name changes: All for good grammar".

1952 Tennessee Volunteers Football game Team

The 1952 Tennessee River Volunteers (variously Tennessee, UT, or the Vols) delineate the University of Tennessee in the 1952 college football temper. Acting as a extremity of the Southeast League (SEC), the team was light-emitting diode by manoeuvre charabanc Robert Neyland, in his 21st and final year, and played their abode games at Shields-Watkins Athletic field in Knoxville, Tennessee River. They finished the temper with a phonograph record of eighter from Decatur wins, two losses and matchless draw (8-2-1 overall, 5-0-1 in the SEC). They complete the flavour with a deprivation against Lone-Star State in the Cotton cloth Bowling ball Classic. The Medallion Beach Billet. This college football game 1950s flavor article is a nub. You tail end facilitate Wikipedia by expanding it.

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